Taxpayers generally like legislators who have innovative ideas to save tax dollars.

Somewhere over $500,000 a year could be saved by a bill proposed by Rep. Terry Hayes of Buckfield. This bill, LD 1878, would put state legal notices on the Web, where citizens can get the information on home computers or at their public library.

Reasonable people can disagree about the merits of this bill, but no one can deny it will save taxpayers money. It’s a creative idea from a first-term legislator thinking on behalf of taxpayers.

I understand why the Lewiston Sun Journal editorialized against Rep. Hayes bill, (May 21) but I do wish that the newspaper would have mentioned in their editorial that they collect public funds to publish the printed notices, so they have some financial interest involved in the bill failing.

The Sun Journal does a good job serving the vital role of reporting news to a large community, and it is their responsibility to weigh in on legislation that will have an impact on the state. But it’s also their responsibility to mention when they have a financial interest that could affect their opinion on a bill.

Not every bill passes – but this proposal shows that Terry Hayes is bringing fresh ideas to deliver more efficient services and save taxpayers money. We appreciate her voice in the legislature.

Rep. Sean Faircloth, Bangor

Editor’s Note: The Sun Journal, in an editorial of May 6, stated its apparent financial conflict of interest regarding the intentions of LD 1878.

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