It’s June 4th, so more than half the year has flown by.

The Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl, Zach Johnson won the Master’s, Kobe Bryant has asked to be traded (we think), Roger Clemens returned for $28 million and is already injured and Tom Brady is supposedly the father of two children, from different mothers.

Wow. 2007 has been, um, weird.

And, I doubt normalcy will return. Here is a look at what you can expect for the rest of the year:

NBA Championship: LeBron James scores every point for the Cavaliers and Cleveland takes the title. The King is unbelievable and his Game 5 antics against Detroit are the best I have ever seen in my 27 years. James will have to deal with San Antonio’s Bruce Bowen, but I think the Cavs shock the world.

MLB All-Star Game: Barry Bonds hits a home run into the Bay (game is being held in San Francisco) and announces retirement following the game. I am getting weird vibes from the Hated One, almost like he doesn’t want to play anymore. It would be a heckuva way to go out. And, it would keep Hank Aaron atop the all-time home run list, which would allow Bonds to live a calmer post-baseball life.

U.S. Open, British Open, PGA Championship: Tiger Woods wins all three. With new baby alongside, possibly for the latter two, Tiger brings the golf world to its collective knees. Rory Sabbatini, just don’t talk to reporters, you may piss off the sleeping giant again.

Stanley Cup: Who cares? It’d be more interesting if Emilio Estevez was coaching these Ducks and having them chant, “Quack. Quack. Quack. Quack.”

2007-08 NBA season: Kobe Bryant will be playing basketball in Miami, as the Heat trade Dewyane Wade straight up for Kobe and he is reunited with Shaq for another title run. Ha, that’s about as likely as the Celtics competing for the NBA title next season. Kobe will stay put, the Lakers will trade for Marcus Camby and Jermaine O’Neal and all will be fine in Tinseltown.

World Series: Cleveland rocks, right? After the high they will be on with the Cavs winning the title, the Indians seem to be the team to beat in the American League. Boston, Cleveland, Anaheim and Oakland will make the playoffs, Sox and Tribe for the title and Cleveland’s offense outshines Boston’s tired pitching staff. In the National League, the Dodgers, Brewers, Mets and Padres make the postseason, with the Mets and Brewers squaring off in the NLCS and the “other” New York team advancing. Cleveland spanks the Mets in five games.

2007-08 NFL season: New England wins its first 14 games, loses when it doesn’t matter. And, in the playoffsoh, wait, the playoffs are in 2008, so that column will come in January.

Until Kobe’s next media-driven tirade . . .

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