The “Boobie” prize

Cleveland Cavaliers rookie Daniel Gibson was enjoying the ride of his life Saturday night . . . until coach Mike Brown opened his mouth. Gibson, who scored 31 points as the Cavs won the Eastern Conference title, was outed. His coach revealed the guard’s nickname: “Boobie.” What grown man keeps a nickname like that?

And, isn’t better suited for Charles Barkley?

No IQ in GQ

Gary Sheffield told GQ magazine that there are less black players in the major leagues because Latin players are easier to control. We can only hope there is a Domincan player at Triple-A that will replace this big mouth.

Grumpy old men

Atlanta’s Bobby Cox, Detroit’s Jim Leyland and the Cubs’ Lou Piniella have all been ejected from games in the past 10 days. I think they forgot where they were and thought they were arguing with government officials over Social Security benefits.

New adventure

Former NFL wide receive Johnnie Morton made his Mixed Martial Arts debut on Saturday night. He was knocked out 38 seconds into the first round. He then was banned by the California State Athletic Commission for failure to suplly a urine sample for drug testing. Did they check ring side? A puddle was sited.

Taking a gamble

The Big East Conference is considering moving its women’s basketball tournmanet to the Mohegan Sun, a 10,000 seat arena within a casino. The reason: they can’t fill the 16,000-seat Hartford Civic Center. Lets see: Can’t fill the seats in Hartford, so lets move it to a venue where people can be distracted by gambling. Brilliant.

Adding it all up

Six straight losses (+) One clubhouse fight (+) One trip to the hospital (+) One indefinitely suspended manager (=) Trade bait in mid-July. How would Derrek Lee look wearing pinstripes, or Aramis Ramirez playing third base in Cleveland? Or Carlos Zambrano pitching in Beantown? It could happen.

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