This is in reference to the proposed new sales taxes on services. I would like to think that there are enough caring, responsible people to defeat that bill.

I’m concerned about older folks who live on a fixed income and are already overwhelmed when facing almost daily increases in gas and food costs.

Providing a service to someone should not be taxed. Most services on the list for taxation are necessities.

Passage would definitely hurt senior citizens on fixed incomes. Money goes only so far.

Beauticians and barbers who render haircuts and perms don’t need that extra tax to pass on to clients.

Tourists, who are mentioned for paying that service fee, are only in the state for a few months of the year. The Maine people will be stuck with the tax every month of the year, forever. (Plus all the other new tax ideas state officials can think of.)

I am 75 years old, and I can’t remember of any new or old tax the people got stuck with ever being reduced or taken away.

Harold A. Williams, Auburn

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