Beck, you were the best

On Saturday night, Rod Beck passed away at the age of

38. Shocking? Yes. But, the man lived his life to the

fullest, and was a true picture of what a “fan’s

player” should be. The closer, who spent his best

years with the San Francisco Giants, always made time

for his fans and also gave every man hope that he

could make it to the big leagues. Beck had scraggly

hair, a beer belly and wasn’t the most eloquent of

men. But, he gave us all hope. And, for that, we all

thank you, Rod.

What’s in his water?

Jon Kitna, the journeyman quarterback who will take

snaps with the Detroit Lions for the second season,

says the Lions will win 10 games next year. Yeah, and

the Devil Rays will win the World Series. Detroit has

about 17 receivers and no defense to speak of. Wonder

if they quoted Kitna after he exited a bar.

Buehrle to Boston?

White Sox GM Kenny Williams wouldn’t rule out trading

left-hander Mark Buehrle to the Red Sox on Sunday. Of

course, the man can’t see straight because of his

anger about his under-achieving club. Note to Theo

Epstein: Take advantage of it.

Home cookin’

The U.S. men’s soccer team is 8-0-1 against Mexico on

U.S. soil since 2000, including Sunday’s 2-1 Gold Cup

win in Chicago. Maybe more international players

should play in the MLS to learn how to win in the U.S.

There has to be more than David Beckham.

No no-no

Dustin McGowan became the second pitcher in three

weeks to lose a no-hitter in the ninth inning, as

Colorado’s Jeff Baker ruined the Toronto pitcher’s day

with a single. Nice Curt Schilling impersonation

there, Dustin, is a DL trip next?

Chipper gets chippy

Chipper Jones says he felt pressured by John Smoltz to

return to the lineup despite a bum groin. Jones hasn’t

talked to Smoltz, as each has used the media to air

their feelings about each other. Me? I just call it

another edition of “Grumpy Old Men.”

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