Wimbledon, Early-round play

8 a.m., ESPN2

OK, there won’t be much excitement here, but at least there is live sports on at 8 a.m.

Classic college football: Michigan vs. Alabama

3 p.m., ESPN Classic

This 1997 epic is sure to put you to sleep. Nice mid-afternoon nap.

Bull riding: PBR in Dallas

3 p.m., Versus

Take a look at the tour coming to the Colisee in the near future.

Classic MLB: Mariners at Red Sox, 2006

5 p.m., NESN

Why is that none of these “classic” games on NESN are never Red Sox losses?

MLB: Cardinals at Mets

7 p.m., ESPN2

I swear, if I see another New York team on these ESPN games I will

Soccer: U.S. vs. Mexico

8 p.m., FSC

It may be a repeat, and on FSC, but it’s better than anything else on TV tonight.

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