So, for argument’s sake, let’s say the Red Sox make some moves and hold off the Yankees for the American League East title.

And, the Yankees miss out on the playoffs because Detroit, Cleveland or Oakland garner the wild card spot.

This scenario probably leaves Yanks manager Joe Torre and general manager Brian Cashman on the unemployment line.

The managerial candidates would be Joe Girardi and Don Mattingly. Girardi probably gets the job, but Mattingly stays on board as the bench coach. The Yankees get younger with this move, and also hire a player’s manager that can manage superstar personalities.

But, who takes Cashman’s spot?

Billy Beane has always been a rumor, but the A’s just inked him to an extension to 2014, and he loves California. Would George Steinbrenner be able to convince Bill Stoneman to give up his post with the Los Angeles Angels? Doubtful, because Angels owner Arte Moreno is ultra-competitve and would match anything Steinbrenner threw at Stoneman.

Cleveland’s Mark Shapiro (boy, what a job he has done with home-grown talent) and Detroit’s David Dombrowski (master of the trade for young talent) could be candidates as well, but they could be caught like deer in headlights once they felt the pressure of working the Big Apple. So, this is a remote possibility as well.

My guess is that Steinbrenner will make a hard push for Red Sox GM Theo Epstein. And, before you start firing off e-mails to let me know how I ignorant I am, just hear me out.

Epstein is a challenge-taker (what bigger challenge than the Yankees?). He likes to be in the spotlight (Hello, New York City) and can’t accomplish much more with the Red Sox. He won the ever-elusive title in 2004 and has helped Boston build an outstanding minor league system. In many ways, his work is done. And, even if the Sox could match an offer from the Yankees, I think Epstein “plays” this game for the challenge, not the paycheck.

If he were to move to the Bombers, he could be partnered with a young manager in Girardi, and could help rid the Yankees of their elderly parts (Mariano Rivera, Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi, etc.) and begin to rebuild what is America’s proudest franchise.

The most exciting part? Beating what he built in Boston.

How often do you get the opportunity to take on the role of controlling your arch-nemesis and match wits … with yourself?

It would be a fantastic story. Well, maybe not for Red Sox fans, but it would be interesting to see if he could rebuild the aging Yankees into another dynasty … by beating himself.

OK, now you can fire off e-mails telling me how stupid I am.

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