FIRST, Trot, 1,800

1. Aqualou, W. Brown

2. Pembroke Marvel, H. Campbell

3. Sixteens Success, R. Estes

4. Lady Lucy Helen H. R. Cushing

5. Omega Angel, S. Mahar

SECOND, Pace, 1,700

1. High Caliber, H. Campbell

2. Bruizers Lil Star, D. Dickison

3. Ghost Of A Chance, W. Brown

4. Magic Boy, O. Davies

5. Pj’s Wager, S. Mahar

6. Kostya McKenzie A, C. MacKenzie

7. Ten Karat Dragon, G. Bowden

8. Electric Charlie, M. Downey

THIRD, Pace, 1,700

1. Doctor Cashin, M. Downey

2. Youragambler’sson, M. Athearn

3. Leslie Belle, W. Brown

4. Outgoing Olivia, G. Hall

5. Tfarm Zen Fella, R. Blanchard

6. Lakhota, J. Mosher

7. Nf Three Rivers, S. Mahar

8. Colour Me Gone, O. Davies

FOURTH, Pace, 1,600

1. Promises Promises, J. Mosher

2. Be Firm With Lisa, w. Brown

3. Sunrise J D, M. Downey

4. Select Artiste, S. MacKenzie

5. Rocking Occasion N, M. Athearn

6. Gift Of Gab, G. Bowden

7. Sienna Sand, H. Campbell

8. Juddy Muddy, C. MacKenzie

FIFTH, Pace, 2,100

1. Fuzzy Convict, H. Campbell

2. Papa O, J. Mosher

3. Miko Hanover, S. MacKenzie

4. Mac N Ernie, C. MacKenzie

5. Magnum Pei, S. Mahar

6. Washingson, G. Bowden

7. Race Me Whinny, O. Davies

SIXTH, Pace, 2,300

1. Patrician, S. Mahar

2. Glory Days, W. Brown

3. Artofthemillenium, G. Bowden

4. Travelling Whitby, C. MacKenzie

5. Mondo Hanover, H. Campbell

6. Birdton Ernie, D. Dickison

SEVENTH, Pace, 3,400

1. Pentagon Don, H. Campbell

2. Mr Punch, J. Mosher

3. Windy City Anita, W. Brown

4. Jet Stream Playboy, J. Smallwood

5. Twilight Charm, S. Mahar

6. Allamerican Tetra, O. Davies

EIGHTH, Pace, 1,500

1. Hkr, M. Tammany

2. It’s Nukie Time, G. Bowden

3. Miss Maya, O. Davies

4. Tracys Lil Darlin, J. Mosher

5. Chillin’ Trouble, H. Campbell

6. Dealin Straight, C. MacKenzie

7. R Es Scott, S. Mahar

8. Morning Light, R. Estes

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