Mr. 3,000

Craig Biggio got thrown out trying to stretch his 3,000th hit into a double. When and if he ever gets to No. 3,000, Manny Ramirez will be thrown out trying to stretch a triple into a double.

Yi of little faith

Yi Jianlian doesn’t seem too happy with being drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks. The Chinese star and his handlers were hoping to go to a major city with a big Asian population. Hey, Yi, how do think Andrew Bogut feels. The Little Australia section of Milwaukee isn’t exactly booming these days, either.

Half off all Frankfurt Galaxy merchandise

NFL Europa is folding after 15 seasons, the NFL announced. The league was reportedly losing $30 million annually. Guess the term “bail out” only applies to NFL players.

…And the only thing intercepted is a terrorist

In an effort to beef up security, the Green Bay Packers will build a series of concrete barriers to encircle Lambeau Field this summer. Packer fans hope the barriers providing better protection than Brett Favre’s offensive line.

Another fine Messier

Mark Messier, Ron Francis, Al MacInnis and Scott Stevens all were elected in their first year of eligibility to the Hockey Hall of Fame. All four are very deserving, of course. But this demonstrates once again that the NHL is marketed by monkeys. Here’s an opportunity to celebrate four great players, one of whom, Messier, was a messiah in the No. 1 maket in the world. And yet the announcement came on the same day as the most-anticipated NBA draft in a long time. No one cares about the NHL, and the NHL is doing everything it can to keep it that way.

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