“They’ll never win that war. That’s for sure.”

“Another Vietnam.”

“More money’s going to go to a wasted effort.”

“I don’t think we can win.”

“He almost seems to have died in vain.”

“We need to get out.”

“It’s a waste.”

Apparently Sgt. Richard Parker gave his life in vain, in a war that can’t be won, and his service to our country was a wasted effort.

Comforting words, indeed, for the family and friends of Sgt. Parker, who was killed in Iraq and laid to rest in Phillips. I’m sure it helped ease the pain, grief, and sorrow of his family and friends when they read these “man on the street” quotes in the Sun Journal the day after Sgt. Parker’s funeral.

This is another shining example of the Sun Journal’s abominable insensitivity toward our fallen heroes, their families and their friends. To seize upon the death of a fallen American soldier from Maine and print political statements about the Iraq war is as low as the Sun Journal can go.

On behalf of those who are eternally grateful for the service and the sacrifice of Sgt. Parker, his family and loved ones, and all other volunteer servicemen and women who put their lives on the line every day for our freedom and security, I say thank you. We all owe so much to those heroes.

Steve Troup, Rumford

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