Celtics GM Danny Ainge pulled the trigger on bring Ray Allen across the country. How far away do you think Paul Pierce wants to be right now? No one else on this team will be allowed to take a shot.

Deja vu?

Magic had Kareem. Jordan had Pippen. Shaq had Kobe. And, until Thursday, Greg Oden always had Mike Conley Jr. We all know what happens when happy couples break up. . .


The San Diego Padres acquired Milton Bradley on Friday, a week after trading for the volatile Michael Barrett from the Cubs. Think the guys in the clubhouse just want to see some boxing? I have 5-3 odds on Bradley, but he’ll get hurt in the process.

The big engine that could

Anyone see Prince Fielder chug around the bases for an inside-the-park-home run last week? I swear, I thought my TV was in slow motion, kept on pushing buttons to make it go faster. Get rid of the anchor, Prince.

Bon voyage

Frank Thomas finally reached 500 home runs. Craig Biggio picked up his 3,000th hit. Can they retire already? They are making me feel old, and I am in my 20s!

Not such a Royal pain in the . . .

According to ESPN.com, the Kansas City Royals have guaranteed themselves a winning record in June. Too bad for them, they play in the same division with Minnesota, Cleveland and Detroit. Thankfully for them, Ozzie Guillen continues to destroy the White Sox.

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