10 a.m., NBC

Love tennis. This tournament lasts way too long. Perfect for NBC.

CFL Football: British Columbia at Toronto

1 p.m., NESN

They should stick to Red Sox re-runs. Ratings will be better.

Bull Riding

3 p.m., Versus

PBR Open in Arizona. More exciting if they run around the streets. Just ask people in downtown Lewiston.

MLB: Rangers at Red Sox

7 p.m., NESN

Worst at the best. Yet, the Sox could use some of the offensive guns the Rangers have. Trades, anyone?

Soccer: Houston at Dallas

8 p.m., FSC

The MLS really needs David Beckham right now. Can he make a guest appearance at every game?

Arena Football: Utah at Los Angeles

10 p.m., ESPN2

The playoffs beckon. Does anyone care?