It looks like the propaganda machines of the mainstream media and the Left are working.

If the sampling of opinions from the eight area residents on the front page of the Sun Journal (June 27) is a true indication, most everyone in the state of Maine, including three of the state’s elected officials in Washington, believe the war in Iraq is a lost cause and the troops should leave.

Since the invasion of Iraq four years ago, citizens have received daily updates on those killed in action – 3,500 at last count.What isn’t mentioned is that during that same time frame, 170,000 Americans have been killed in auto accidents in this country. Why is it that the media are not harping on that issue as well?

I say it’s because it does not fit their agenda.

Wake up people, this nation has the greatest, most powerful military the world has ever seen. The only way it can be beaten is if the public lacks the will to support the fight.

I was once told that there are three types of people in the world: sheep, wolves and sheep dogs. According to the sheep in Washington, and in the press, it’s time to pull the sheep dogs out of the wolves’ den. The question the public needs to ask is if it is going to follow along with the flock, or protect it?

People will have to choose, because the wolf has tasted blood and is not going away.

Robert Fogg, Lewiston