GREENWOOD – The Planning Board voted 5-0 Monday to grant Don Lawrence of Woodstock a permit to build a small marina on Round Pond.

The meeting was presided over by board Chairman Rodney Westleigh and was lightly attended.

Prior to the vote, questions were raised about the materials to be used in the construction. Residents wished to make sure no hazardous materials would be involved.

Lawrence said the docks would consist solely of pressure-treated wood and plastic leg stands. These materials were not deemed hazardous by Code Enforcement Officer John Gauthier.

In order to determine whether or not the docks were legal, the board was required to determine if Round Pond was legally a lake or a stream. Since laws regarding construction on such waterways differ, this definition determined the legality of the marina.

Lawrence defended his plan, saying, “I have never heard of a 200-foot wide, 30-foot deep stream.”

The board, as well as Gauthier agreed – it was the opinion of most present – that the pond was most definitely a lake.

The board held a quick discussion, reviewing the permit.

“I think the process has run its course,” Selectman Kathy Hockman said.

“It fits with the standards,” Westleigh said. “It’s legal.”

The plans must now be approved by CEO Gauthier before construction begins.

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