8:30 a.m., Versus

Where, oh where, is Lance Armstrong? Or Floyd Landis? I miss those pasty white men wearing yellow.

Fishing: Bassmasters

2 p.m., ESPN2

OK, if you watch this stuff, you seriously have a problem. Especially if you complain about golf or baseball being boring.

Soccer: Aston Villa at Sheffield United

3 p.m., FSC

Does Gary Sheffield own a right in the English League soccer team?

NBA Summer League: Celtics vs. Spurs

4 p.m., FSN

Hey, you can get a look at a 25-57 team right now!

Classic: The Home Run Derby

3-6 p.m., ESPN Classic

Check out the derbys in Milwaukee, Detroit and Pittsburgh. Suggestion: Hit the mute button.

Home Run Derby, from San Francisco

8 p.m., ESPN

Will the media be able to push Barry Bonds into the Derby? Sure would be special. My money is on Prince Fielder. I hope he takes a lap at full speed afterward.

Arena Football: Los Angeles at Chicago

8:30 p.m., ESPN2

If this league hopes to succeed, I have a hint: Don’t compete with the Home Run Derby!