Dear Sun Spots: I read Sun Spots every morning. You help so many, and now I need your help. Why isn’t Daniel O’Donnell on PBS any more, and I would like an update on his personal life. I hear he got a divorce and remarried? We miss him. – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots is not sure where you are getting your current information on this singer but you might consider checking out O’Donnell’s Web site,, which O’Donnell updates frequently. You’ll be sure to find much more current and correct information if coming directly from the source. You’ll be able to locate both personal information, tour dates as well as compact or DVD releases.

Information about a divorce is incorrect as you will note on his Web site, and a posting for June 14 in which he writes that he and wife, Majella, are back home in Dublin after a long tour. They were then scheduled for a week’s cruise and relaxation, following which O’Donnell expected to be recording and doing some video work. He then talks about upcoming shows in Letterkenny, Ireland as well as the recording of another PBS special.

In the meantime, Sun Spots checked in with O’Donnell’s public relations firm, Rachelle Schlosser Public Relations. The firm notes O’Donnell’s newest PBS pledge special, “Daniel O’Donnell Can You Feel The Love” is airing across America throughout 2007. You should check your local television listings as each station has the option of airing it whenever they want during the year.

O’Donnell is taping his new show (the name of which has not yet been determined) in Donegal, Ireland this month. It is expected to begin airing in March 2008 on PBS stations across the country.

Schlosser confirms that Daniel’s 2008 tour is being planned right now, and is to be announced in the fall. Fans interested in receiving notification of tour dates and other Daniel O’Donnell related news may e-mail Schlosser’s office at [email protected] where your address will added to the free North American Fan List. Upcoming Irish tours include July 21 at Leisureland in Galway, July 22 in Kilkenny, and July 24 and 25 in Limerick.

People might also be interested in his fan club at or Daniel O’Donnell Fan Club, P.O. Box 844, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 1AZ, U.K. for more information.

Schlosser also says O’Donnell’s new DVD “Daniel O’Donnell Can You Feel The Love” will be released on Aug. 14 and “The Best of Daniel O’Donnell On Film” DVD is confirmed for Sept. 11. In addition, a new recording of duets with Daniel and his singing partner Mary Duff is slated for release on Oct. 9. Details are not yet forthcoming at the present. However Schlosser notes that most of the album is finished. She believes both O’Donnell and Duff are going into the studio this summer to record a few more tracks. You may purchase any of Daniel’s titles in retail outlets like Borders, Wal-Mart or online at or straight from DPTV Media by visiting them online at

Dear Sun Spots: As an avid jelly and jam maker, I use locally grown fruits and berries. But I am having a tough time finding locally grown peaches and locally grown cherries. If anyone knows of a farm that produces these fruits, within a 40-mile radius of Wilton, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. I may be reached at 645-2065. – No Name, Wilton.

In addition to responses from readers, contact Ricker Hill Orchards, P.O. Box 202, Turner, ME 04282 or via e-mail at [email protected], 225-345.

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