FIRST, Pace, 2,000

1. Tinydancer, R. Estes

2. J J’s Yankee, J. Bartlett

3. Pinette, L. Gray

4. Easy Operator, H. Campbell

5. May Rosebud, S. Gray

6. Twin B Candy, S. Taggart

SECOND, Pace, 2,000

1. Longgonehardtofind, J. Smallwood

2. Incredible Thrill, S. Mahar

3. Daylon Fantasy, S. Thayer

4. Birdton Ernie, D. Dickison

5. Dusty Lane Buster

6. Glen McNeil, L. Gray

7. Grapes, J. Mosher

8. El Cabayo, M. Downey

THIRD, Pace, 1,800

1. Bando Maurice, G. Bowden

2. Pj’s Wager, S. Mahar

3. Poocham McGee, C. MacKenzie

4. Beach Assault, J. Bartlett

5. A Shade Apart, H. Campbell

6. Winning Heart, S. Thayer

7. Incredible Moe, S. Gray

FOURTH, Pace, 1,898

1. Jatester, S. Gray

2. Miss Maya, M. Downey

3. Hkr, M. Tammany

4. Rocky’s Molly, H. Campbell

5. Jaws, S. Thayer

6. Papa O, J. Mosher

7. Pride Of Waterford, J. Bartlett

8. Kotare’s Last Song, K. Orr

FIFTH, Pace, 2,070

1. Race Me Whinny, S. Mahar

2. G M Viking Doll, G. Bowden

3. K Bec Pride, H. Campbell

4. Glory Days, J. Bartlett

5. Springhouse Alibi, M. Downey

6. Select Artiste, S. MacKenzie

SIXTH, Pace, 2,300

1. No Shoes, S. Mahar

2. Ghost Of A Chance, M. Downey

3. Life Statuesque, J. Bartlett

4. Oceanview Copper, K. Ireland

5. Pacific Rose, H. Campbell

6. Tfarm Zen Fella, R. Blanchard

7. Logan’s Lightning, J. Mosher

8. Miko Hanover, S. MacKenzie

SEVENTH, Pace, 2,300

1. Mac N Ernie, C. MacKenzie

2. Jigtime Silencer, S. Mahar

3. Arizona Magic, S. Thayer

4. Claude Seelster, J. Bartlett

5. Mondo Hanover, H. Campbell

6. Pembroke White Out, G. Bowden

7. Windy City Anita, W. Brown

8. Olivia’s Beau, S. Gray

EIGHTH, Pace, 2,000

1. High Caliber, H. Campbell

2. Hillbillie Banjo, L. Gray

3. Ballyjamesduff N, S. Gray

4. Hickory Hercules, S. Mahar

5. Arden’s Heritage N, J. Bartlett

6. Allamerican Tetra, G. Bowden

7. Fuzzy Convict, J. Mosher

8. Twilight Charm, M. Downey

NINTH, Pace, 7,500

1. Baby Of Blue Moon, H. Campbell

2. Lady Waterford, J. Bartlett

3. Good Luck Chip, C. MacKenzie

4. Lets Hurry On, S. Gray

5. St Lads Magic, J. Mosher

6. Fairytale Princess, R. Cloutier Jr.

TENTH, Pace, 3,000

1. Mr Punch, J. Mosher

2. Cambelleconnection, H. Campbell

3. Jet Stream Playboy, J. Smallwood

4. Kandi Chip, S. Gray

5. Yea-Mel, C. MacKenzie

6. Quintessa Hanover, J. Bartlett

7. Everythings Ok N, G. Bowden

ELEVENTH, Pace, 1,750

1. Doctor Cashin, M. Downey

2. Stow N Go, W. Brown

3. Nf Three Rivers, H. Campbell

4. T Farm Eddie K, R. Blanchard

5. Bam Bam Corker, K. Ireland

6. One Chance, J. Bartlett

7. Golden Virtue, S. Mahar

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