NEW YORK (AP) – An “enraged” and “jealous” ex-boyfriend, already convicted of stabbing the woman who spurned him, was found guilty Friday of forcing her current beau out a five-story window, where he fell to his death.

Trevor Frederick, 29, of East Hampton, was convicted by Justice Ronald Zweibel after an eight-day nonjury trial in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court. He faces 25 years to life in prison when he is sentenced Aug. 3.

Frederick was tried for a knife attack on Jenae Aragosa, now 24, a former Fashion Institute of Technology student from Yonkers, and Christopher Mariconi, 23, of Scotia, N.Y., in Aragosa’s Upper West Side apartment on Nov. 7, 2003.

Frederick, who left a voicemail threat to kill Aragosa after she ended their yearlong relationship, barged into her apartment and stuck a knife into her neck, damaging her spinal cord, Assistant District Attorney Barbara Hutter said.

Frederick then stabbed Mariconi, forcing him backward until he went out of a window and fell five floors to his death, prosecutors said.

Hutter called Frederick’s attacks on Aragosa and Mariconi “an overt expression of the enraged defendant’s obsession and jealousy.”

When Zweibel announced his verdict, Mariconi’s family wept and sobbed openly while hugging each other.

Defense lawyer Arthur Friedman had argued there were no eyewitnesses or evidence to prove Frederick caused Mariconi’s fall. He noted that Aragosa, already attacked by the defendant, was unconscious on the floor.

This trial was Frederick’s third. The first in 2004 ended in a mistrial after a juror apparently had a nervous breakdown. Frederick was convicted after the second trial in April 2005 on charges of attempted murder, assault and burglary and sentenced to 30 years. The jury deadlocked on the second-degree murder count.

Frederick, a native of the Caribbean island of Grenada, could be in prison indefinitely, depending on how he is sentenced Aug. 3.

Aragosa said during the second trial she has survivor’s guilt. She said she believed Mariconi would be alive today if she had not agreed to go out with him. She said she once tried to kill herself because of those feelings, but her father found her in time and saved her life.

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