This is in response to the letter July 20 from Carolee Taylor.

I would think that before she wrote such an insulting letter, she would have gotten her facts straight. The veterans made the lawn in Turner a healing field in memory of all veterans. It was a very honorable thing to do.

To call it a lawn of disgrace was appalling, to say the least. She shocked many veterans and their families.

Those flags, all 2,600 of them, were all put up by volunteer veterans for Memorial Day at St. Peter’s Cemetery. The flags are allowed there for only two weeks, then need to be removed. That is the cemetery’s policy. We were told to remove them, so we donated those flags to someone who would do good by them.

Taylor did not place those flags and they weren’t her property. They were donated by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. I feel Taylor owes the Turner veteran an apology. He did not, by any means, steal a single flag.

The flags were donated to him for a good cause. By the way, the flags are not given to the dead veterans. They are placed on the graves to commemorate Memorial Day.

Irene A. Pomerleau, Lewiston

Arthur Paradis, Lewiston