Cubans dominate

Cuba won 12 track and field gold medals at the Pan American Games, which wrap up today in Rio de Janeiro. This is a living example of practice making perfect, as their intense program of running away from Fidel Castro and his men paid off. Of course, no one could confirm that. Thanks, Cuba.


The U.S. women’s softball team was so dominate at the Pan Ams that officials decided to give the Americans the gold medal becuase of the championship being rained out. The U.S. had tossed three no-hitters in four games, but this could be likened to Bud Selig allowing the All-Star game to end in a tie. And, we all know how well that worked out for Selig.


Two undefeated boxing champs, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Ricky Hatton, will square off in December. Now it looks like Oscar de la Hoya is trying to get a piece of the action, working on a 2008 fight with Hatton. If I were de la Hoya, I’d wait to see if Hatton punishes Mayweather first, or this could turn ugly, quick.


Jose Canseco says he will write about superstar Alex Rodriguez in his next book. First,I wouldn’t call what Canseco does “writing,” and, secondly, Rodriguez had better hire a good lawyer now. You know, because what Canseco says is honest and everything.

Good ol’ Chuckie

Jon Gruden must have some kind of power over washed-up quarterbacks, as the latest rumor has Daunte Culpepper possibly signing with the team to compete with Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms and Bruce Gradkowski for the starting job. This is not to mention that Gruden is still holding out hope that Jake Plummer will decide not to retire. Opposing defenses have to be licking their collective chops.

What’s up, doc?

Michelle Wie fired a 12-over par round on Saturday at the Evian Masters. The phenom can’t seem to overcome her nagging injuries. Or is it the pressure. Was she seeing the right type of doctor earlier this year? Insead of an orthopedist, maybe a psychologist would have been in order. Oh, teenagers, can’t live with them, can’t pay the bills without them.

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