A photograph of Sam White’s outfit in World War I is being held by Daryl Parker, great-grandson; Norman White, grandson; Julia White, daughter-in-law; Dawn Parker, great-granddaughter; and Tristan Huntoon, great-great-grandson.

Sam White Day is celebrated

STRATTON – The Dead River Area Historical Society held Sam O. White Day on July 15, hosted by Fred and Deb Townsend, with more than 70 family members and friends attending.

Townsend visited White in Alaska as did other local residents. The family shared stories and donated items to add to the White exhibit, which Julia and Harland White loaned to the museum. Included in Sunday’s acquisitions was a photograph of White’s outfit in World War I.

White was born and raised on Eustis Ridge and after World War I, he moved to Alaska. He was the first bush pilot/game warden in the world. The book, “Sam O. White, Alaskan” is available at Country Charm. For more information, call 246-5871.

For more information, call Mary Henderson at 246-2271.