Talk to any sports psychologist, fitness instructor or drill sergeant, and one thing remains common: Goal-setting.

For some, the goals are more poignant than others.

At this year’s Beach to Beacon 10K, Peter and Peg Rearick, both 55, of Hebron, will run for the 10th consecutive year. This year, Peg’s run will be the culmination of a tumultuous year, and has served as a goal since last year, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Over the course of the winter, she’s gone through breast cancer surgery and radiation and chemotherapy, and all of that really debilitating, abrasive stuff, and she’s really in recovery mode from all of that,” Peter said. “And, she’s still going to go out there and run 6.2 miles. I think she’s going to do that. It’s enormously healing to have that goal in front of you. This is a very powerful goal.”

Originally, the Rearicks were recreational runners at best. But the allure of running in a race founded by one of his idols was too much for Peter to resist.

“When that race was first organized, it was just an attractive race to want to do, because of course it was Joan Benoit Samuelson who organized it,” Peter said. “She’s one of my heroes, and has been for years.”

Since then, the Rearicks have joined up with PR Racing of Lewiston, which is now part of the Triad Racing Team. The constant goal of bettering their previous times have made the Rearicks that much better over time.

“Even though this is the 10th time I’ve run this race, and I’m 55 years old, my times keep getting faster,” Peter said.

“You don’t expect that sort of thing happening at 55. You think that’s the part of life you ought to be slowing down a little bit, and it’s just the opposite.”

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