LEWISTON – The Lewiston Rec Fall Singles Tennis Program will begin the week of August 27, as follows: Men’s B and C Divisions, Monday; Womens B and C, Wednesday; Women’s and Men’s A, Thursday. There will be mixed doubles on Sundays for all divisions. Registration is now taking place at Lewiston Rec.

Tourney is held

LEWISTON – A doubles and singles tournament was held recently by the Lewiston Rec Summer Tennis Program. Results follow:

Girls Singles: Preliminary round, Lauren Lessard d. Kaylyn Levasseur, 8-0. First round, Jessica Bowen d. Lessard, 8-3; Becca Belaire d. Sarah Lacroix, 8-4; Hannah Langlois d. Sara Marden, 8-3; Becca Lessard d. Victoria Bunker, 8-3. Second round, Bowen d. Belaire, 8-6; B. Lessard d. Langlois, 8-4. Finals, Bowen d. Lessard, 8-4.

Boys Singles: First round, Chris Belanger d. Adam Lebrun, 8-5; James Aldrich d. Chris Rancourt, 8-1; Brett Vallee d. Evan Gosselin, 8-3; Alex Beaudoin d. Richard Bradbury, 8-3. Quarterfinals, Ben Chicoine d. Belanger, 8-1; Vallee d. Aldrich, 8-2; Bryan Hall d. Matt Melanson, 8-3; Eric Morin d. Bradbury, 8-1. Semifinals, Chicoine d. Vallee, 8-6; Morin d. Hall, 7-6 (6). Finals are set for today.

Girls Doubles: Semifinals, Morgan Bowen-Lauren Lessard d. Janelle Tardif-Victoria Bunker; Becca Lessard-Jessica Bowen d. Morgan Lesssard-Bethany Fox. Finals, Jessica Bowen-Becca Lesssard d. Morgan Bowen-Lauren Lessard.

Boys Doubles: First round, Bryan Hall-Shawn Ricker d. Matt Bouchard-Matt Melanson; Stefan Vallee-Mike Bouchard d. James Aldrich-Chris Belanger. Semifinals, Hall-Ricker d. Brett Vallee-Eric Morin; Mitch Grimmer-Eric Michaud d. Vallee-Bouchard. Finals, Hall-Ricker d. Grimmer-Michaud. Consolation, Tardif-Bunker.

The End of Summer Singles Championship is set for August 10.

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