If they need a Sox angle, Coco scored four runs

In the intoxicating glee of watching the Tigers-Yankees highlights Monday night, there came a reminder that the Indians punked the Pinstripers 22-0 at Yankee Stadium in 2004. Wow, I’d forgotten about that game. Why can’t NESN pick up the broadcast rights to that one and substitute it for the same, old David Ortiz walk-offs and Curt Schilling complete games they show as “classic” fare?

Don’t let the Zamboni gate hit you

Got to agree with Lewiston Maineiacs coach Ed Harding on the hissy-fit that ultimately got defenseman Sebastien Piche traded to Shawinigan. Gutless. If Piche can’t handle an occasional rift with teammates like a man, his hockey career will die an abrupt and merciful death in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Not to mention that his chances of maintaining any vocation other than self-employment are just about nil.

Another cold reminder that running ain’t natural

Spanish soccer midfielder Antonio Puerta, 22, died three days after collapsing on the field during a game. Between that news and my second cup of coffee, my own resting heart did its daily atrial fibrillation for no apparent reason. And that, Mr. Pelletier, is why I will never accept your challenge to a 5-kilometer race, no matter how skinny I get.

On a happier note, it’s prettier than Arkansas

Former national championship coach Nolan Richardson is leading the team from Mexico at the FIBA Americas basketball tournament. The lesson here: This is what happens when an entire country tires of your ranting, screaming, everyone’s-a-racist rhetoric.

Do what you’re good at

Ed Belfour has reportedly signed with a second-division team in the Swedish Elite League. For those of you who don’t live in Lewiston, Belfour used to be an all-star goaltender in something they call the National Hockey League when I was in, oh, about seventh grade. I stayed in school. Belfour apparently didn’t.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Phil Garner was fired as the Houston Astros’ manager on Monday, his third departure from a languishing franchise in the last decade. Over-under date on Garner being introduced as another team’s new boss: Oct. 30.

Just be glad he didn’t say, “It is what it is.”

Asante Samuel has reported to New England Patriots camp. “We’ll take it day-by-day, like anything else,” said charismatic coach Bill Belichick. King James translation: Thou shalt preparest to runneth thy butt off.

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