1. LSU

Every year, the SEC whines that it’s too tough for somebody to go 13-0 in their league and make it to the BCS. And invariably, somebody does. The Bayou Bengals are that somebody.

2. USC

Because everyone else is picking them to win it all. And because John David Booty sounds like a death-row inmate, not quarterback of the national champions.

3. Michigan

Every five years or so, the Talent Factor overcomes the Lloyd Carr Factor.

4. Texas

The police blotter tells us the Longhorns are loaded.

5. West Virginia

Ranking artificially inflated by playing in a dirt-poor conference.

6. Florida

Probably a top-five team, in reality, but law of averages says they’ll lose two or three games.

7. Ohio State

Fear the sweater vest.


Didn’t beat Southern Cal last year by accident.

9. Georgia

Running neck-and-neck with the Falcons for the state championship.

10. Wisconsin

Everyone’s sexy pick to win the Big Ten. But Ron Dayne isn’t walking through that door.

11. Louisville

12. Tennessee

13. Oklahoma

14. Virginia Tech

15. Auburn

16. California

16. Nebraska

17. Penn State

18. TCU

19. Boise State

20. Arkansas

21. Florida State

22. Hawaii

23. Clemson

24. Rutgers

25. Boston College

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