Regarding Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho: Why are people allowed to be arrested for offending someone?

Whether Craig is gay or not is a nonissue.

The issue is why does a man even risk arrest if approaching another man, sexually or not?

I fail to see how bumping someone’s shoe or even waving at them under a stall rises to the level of lewd conduct. Even if the approach was a flirtation toward a possible same-sex liaison, when are heterosexuals arrested under similar circumstances of approaching one another for a possible opposite-sex liaison?

Is the guy who bumps a woman’s elbow to get her attention on the street engaging in lewd conduct?

Is a woman who flashes deep cleavage to the dreamy sales guy engaging in lewd conduct?

Then why is this special circumstance reserved for gay citizens? Or those that can be perceived as gay?

Again, since when do people get to have others arrested for simply offending them? It’s because gay people are still vulnerable to civil rights inequality and social blackmail.

Do police really need to protect heterosexual men’s virtues and sensibilities, and punish those who attack their delicate sensitivities? Get cops out of the restrooms, and tell guys that they can just say “No.”

This is still the same old witchhunt.

Randall Brotherton, Lewiston

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