Most people today are upset about one thing or another – waiting too long in a doctor’s office, the lines at the checkouts, a traffic light that stays red forever when one is in a hurry, the chaos in airports, etc.

But no one is more aggravated than I am about all the fuss and media attention that Michael Vick is getting because he abused some dogs.

Believe me, I am not for abusing animals. Vick is wrong. But what aggravates me is the lack of such fuss and media attention about the killing of millions of babies every year, yet abortion remains legal.

What is wrong with our society that it has let this happen?

Jesus said, “Woe to those who scandalize the little ones.” I cannot imagine the wrath upon those who kill God’s creations. I would be terrified to stand in front of God on Judgment Day to be told where I would be going.

Is it any wonder that this nation has floods, fires, mudslides and freak accidents? Where do people think that comes from? I believe they come from the same God who destroyed the world with a flood in Noah’s time.

Let us change our way of living.

Jane B. Theriault, Lewiston

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