YARMOUTH – If anyone wanted to know where Nick Bourassa was Saturday, all the crowd at Winslow Field had to do was point to the end zone.

That’s where the senior running back spent his afternoon.

Whenever the dazed Yarmouth Clippers had a chance to look up, all they saw was Jay’s Bourassa stepping over the goal line. Bourassa was a like a squatter at opposite ends of the field, scoring five touchdowns as the Tigers opened up on the Clippers with a 47-0 victory.

And it didn’t take long for the Yarmouth Clippers to figure out the competition is a bit more ferocious at the varsity level. This was Yarmouth’s debut in Class C as a varsity team, and it was an eye-opener for the Clippers.

On their first possession of the game, Tigers quarterback Austin Clark unleashed a 67-yard pass to Matt Schmidt, leaving the listing Clippers in awe.

“We took a chance early,” said Jay coach Mark Bonnevie. “We had some success throwing the ball. I knew they would be geared up on the first play.”

And the Tigers, which never punted the entire game, let them have it, too.

Jay tried its luck again on its second possession with a second-and-9 situation at its 32-yard line. Clark dropped back again and found an open Bourassa for a 68-yard touchdown pass. The Tigers held a 13-0 lead going into the second quarter.

Still, Bonnevie wasn’t so sure about Yarmouth’s potential.

“I didn’t know much about them,” said Bonnevie.

But it didn’t take much time for the Tigers to get to know the Clippers. Clark, who threw for 201 yards, spotted Bourassa again in the second quarter, tossing him a 70-yarder for his second TD.

Bourassa was just as menacing on defense. Late in the second quarter, Yarmouth was struggling on its 32 when the Clippers decided to pass. The defensive back was in the right place, intercepting the ball and running it back for his third touchdown.

Jay moved into the second half with a 27-0 lead.

“That’s a great program,” said Yarmouth coach Jim Hartman. “The kids had a great JV run, but they thought it would be easy (at the varsity level).

“We didn’t quit. We know the bench mark, and we are moving up. The kids had to see that speed level. We did some positive things; we stopped the run.”

The Clippers slowed down Jay’s ground game (164 yards), but there were no delays in the Tigers’ air service.

In the third quarter, the Tigers topped off their would-be victory with three more touchdowns.

Bourassa rushed for 26 yards into the end zone for his fourth TD, and senior linebacker Shane Lefebvre intercepted pass and turned it into gold with a 50-yard return for a touchdown.

And Bourassa’s day wasn’t over, yet. He capped his grand day with 55-yard punt return for fifth touchdown with a minute and 42 seconds left in the third quarter.

The Tigers kept the ball on the ground in the fourth quarter as the Clippers tried in vain to put a dent in Jay’s 47-point lead.

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