Only an undercover agent, or maybe Aaron Fuda, would drive around without hiding his marijuana, and the driver of an unmarked pickup in Rumford recently sure wasn’t the nude Norway activist.

So discovered two twenty-somethings, whose horticultural curiosity landed them in cuffs last week, after they inexplicably trailed a Maine Drug Enforcement Agency pickup around town. One waited for an opportune moment, leaped from the car, grabbed a pot plant, and then they tried to high-tail away.

Imagine their surprise when their prey revealed himself as MDEA.

Of all the pickups in all the world, and these two stole marijuana from the cops. What are the odds?

Actually, pretty good, according to law enforcement. Opportunists, like our Rumford pair, have stolen accessible marijuana from officers in Western Maine before.

In York County, pot thieves are even more motivated. (They must not smoke it.) Two burglars scaled barbed wire to rob marijuana from an evidence locker outside the old York County Jail last month.

Either the price of ganja has skyrocketed like milk and gasoline – forcing desperate measures by desperate stoners – or these incidents indicate police precautions for protecting seized drugs need tightening. While it’s hard to predict when somebody may follow your pickup to steal an exposed pot plant, it’s now proven as possible.

Cheap tarpaulins or tonneau covers for marijuana interdiction vehicles are wise investments for drug agents, which would deter crimes of opportunity, such as the Rumford snatch-and-grab. After all, these same techniques probably work for those trafficking the drugs illegally, because they cannot afford to be so brazen.

It’s good practice for law enforcement to keep their seized drugs under wraps. Marijuana thieves might not think clearly, but they are also apparently not lazy. (Who would have ever thought?)

Police, take note.

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