WILTON – Club champions have been crowned at Wilson Lake Country Club, as follows: A Flight, 1. Dick Marshall, 150; 2. Ryan Wilkins, 153; Stewart Durrell, 154. B Flight: 1. Dave Henry, 164; 2. Bob Ring, 175; 3. Steve Hamilton and Frank Williams, 179. C Flight: 1. John Cureton, 172; 2. Cliff Harris, 176; 3. Neil Stinneford, 179. Saturday pins: #2, Dick Marshall, 15’9″; #7, Ryan Wilkins, 7’4″; #11, Ryan Wilkins, 17’4″; #16, Neil Stinneford, 6’2″. Sunday pins: #2, Rob Donald, 17’6″; #7, Ryan Wilkins, 8’4″; #11, Rob Donald, 12’3″; #16, Rob Donald, 6’9″.

Sept. 7 Pins: #2, Stew Durrell, 14’6″; #7, Dick Nile, 3’5″; #16, John Cureton, 13’8″. Two-man blind draw points: Rick Wells-Warren Rollins, +6; Tom Cornelio-Cliff Harris, +4.

Sept. 6 Pins: #7, Dave Henry, 6’8″; #16, Dick Nile, 21’2″.

Sept. 5 blind draw points: Harold Huff-Mike Tibbetts, +3; Jake Jacobs-Dick Nile, +2.

Notes: Course is closed Thursday, Sept. 13 from opening until 2:30 for the Women’s Martha Webber Breast Cancer Tournament. . . Sept. 23, course closed until 2 p.m. for the Farmington Elks fund-raising tourney. . . Sept. 30, “Yellow Tee” tourney. . . Oct. 7, Hight Chevy Fall Classic. Members can register in the Pro Shop.

Bethel Inn

BETHEL – Ladies League Scramble: 1. (tie) Sue McLaughlin, Lynn Wilson, Lynn Just, Jane Ryerson; and Donna Gillis, Joyce Roma, Monica Ludden, Susan Driscoll, 40.

Men’s Legue Team Quota: 1. Mark Mallory, Joe Gallagher, Cory Finnan, Pat Finnan, +11.5; 2. Alan Gaw, Adrien Bouthot, Bob Laux, +9. Closest to the pin, Alan Gaw, 13’2″.

President’s Cup Championship: Allen Connors defeated Kevin Finley.


LEEDS – The top 4 seeds in the Quality Glass Golf League all won quarterfinal matches last week, setting up the following semifinal matches: Dave Timberlake-Jim Timberlake vs Marc St. Hilaire-Ray Doherty; Bill Gendron-Jeff St. Hilaire vs Ray Morin-Steve Timberlake. The winners will schedule an 18-hole final at their convenience. The 18-hole scramble and awards banquet for all league members will be held Saturday, Sept. 22 starting at 8 a.m. Anyone unable to attend should contact either Marc St. Hilaire at 577-6515, or Ray Doherty at 740-3371.


AUBURN – Fall Calcutta, Sept. 8: Men’s Division: net skins, John Petrocelli, Dennis Lee, Tim Millett; gross, Cliff Greim. Pins: #4, Jerry Millett, 2’9″; Laddie Deemer, 8’7″; Joe Norton, 9′; #9, Cliff Greim, 7’11”; Rich Tremblay, 9’2″; Jim Raby, 10’7″; #11, Kevin Dean, 1’10”; Tom Ray, 5’1″; Phil Nadeau, 6’2″; #17, Lance Browne, 5’1″; Mike Reid, 6’6″; Tim Millett, 8’2″. Senior skins: Marty Dow, Dan Sansoucy, Cliff Larlee (3), Jerry Millett, Don Fagen (2). Women’s Division: Pins: #4, Ellen Pratt, 10’9″; #9, no winner; #11, Pat Kordalski, 3’6″; #17, Linda Thibault, 5’2″. Skins: Janet Nelson (2), Pat Kordalski (2), Cookie Dean, Ellen Pratt, Neila Nelke, Linda Thibault.

Fall Calcutta, Sept. 9: Men’s Division: net skins, John Petrocelli, Scott Walker. Pins: #11, Dave Norcross, 12′; Jim Sperl, 20′; Wayne Hackett, 24′; #17, Dennis Lee, 1’11”; Tim Jordan, 6′; Steve Berry, 6’6″. Senior skins: net, Don Kilbreth, Al Stasulis; gross, Fern Asselin. Team scores: Bob Dion-Tom Fournier, 91; Dennis Lee-Jim Sperl, and Wayne Hackett-Doug Craig, 94; Bob Brickel-Paul Labbe, and Sam Evrard-Nick Baley, 95; Mike Wolfe-Gary Goldberg, Mark Rock-Tony Ferguson, John Petrocelli-Rich Tremblay, Mike Reid-Scott Coulombe, Dave Norcross-Eric Hathorne, 97. Senior Division: Chip Larlee-Dave Collins, 91; Al Stasulis-Marty Dow, and Bill Young-John Haynes, 92. Women’s Division: Pins: #4, Pat Kordalski, 9’4″; #9, Phyllis Ray, 21’9″; #11, Terri Leclair, 20’4″; #17, Phyllis Ray, 7’1″. Skins: net, Terri Leclair; gross, Cookie Dean, Phyllis Ray, Janet Nelson, Donna Browne. Team scores: Janet Nelson-Phyllis Ray, 128; Mona Morin-Pat Kordalski, 130; Ellen Pratt-Jeannette Downing, 133.


POLAND – Fairlawn Ladies, August 30, tourney of day, “colored ball”: low team net, Alex Bouchles, Dolores Bergeron, Lina Verville, Lynn Polley; low gross, Jeanne Levesque, Jeanne Hutchinson, Rita Cloutier, Dot Hopkins. Closest to the pin, Dot Hopkins; 50-50, Rita Cloutier.

Fairlawn Ladies Member-Guest, Sept. 6: 4-ball: gross, Jackie Rybeck, Linda Gross, Jeanne Shute, Dee Schaefer; 2. Patton Griggs, Rachel Therrien, Carol Griggs, Theresa Nadeau; team net, 1. Noella Rocheleau, Jeannette Cote, Germaine Martel, Muriel MacDonald; 2. Jeanne Levesque, Kim Coombs, Dot Hopkins, Kathy Daillenbeck; 3. Dot Cailler, Gail Cailler, Marge Cormier, Pauline Blais. Pins: A Flight, Jackie Rybeck; B, Sue Dostie C, Jeannette Barriault; D, Dodo Bergeron. Long drive: A, Jackie Rybeck; B, Jeannette Cote; C, Mary Bergeron; D, Lu Dube. Closest to the line: A, Sandy Piper; B, Sally Congleton; C, Marge Cormier; D, Dodo Bergeron.

MSGA tourneys

Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association tourneys held during the weekend:


CLASS A: Gross: Jay Plourde, 67; Matt Greenleaf, 68; Kip Skibiski, 69; Marc Siewertsen, John Bauman, Nick Connor, 70. Net: Terry Smith, 71-65; Tom Hughes, 73-66; Scott Johnson, 74-66; John Emerson, 74-66; Gordon Ross, 75-66; Wayne Johnson, 71-66.

CLASS B: Gross: Dan MacLeod, 75; Mark Snow, Scott Jones, 76; Tom Donovan, Dick Fernald, 77; Tom Skelton, 77 (MC). Net: Gary Bazinet, 76-64; Ray Dube, 77-64; Peter Swinchatt, 77-64; Wayne Newbegin, 79-65; Roy Pinette, 79-66; Rudy Plummer, 79-66 (MC).

CLASS C: Gross: Steve Wojtysiak, Arnie Harmon, 79; Frank Reynolds, Wayne Delano, Tim Dow, Wesley Phillips, 81. Net: Tom Blake, 82-59; Roger Cloutier, 85-60; Mike Lally, 83-64; Peter Hand, 81-64; Bill Gardiner, 83-64; Reggie Gammon, 83-65 (MC).

Super Seniors: Gross: Terry MacMillan, 72; Al Bouchard, Ralph Noel, 74. Net: Neil Stinneford, 83-66; Tim Sheehan, 86-66; Bud Solari, 79-67 (MC).

4-Ball: Gross: Tim Mariano, Shawn McKague, Matt Greenleaf, Gary Manoogian; and Tom Foley, Ryan Mallaghan, Jay Plourde, Rick Petillo, 60; Denny Siewertsen, Marc Siewertsen, Ron Brown, Jr., Eric Hayward, 62; Cash Wiseman, John Bauman, Mike Williams, Bill Robinson, 63 (MC). Net: Tom Grace, Ray Roux, Bud Solari, Ted McNaught, 66-54; Peter Pacholski, Lloyd Williams, Jim Ladd, Darrien Keaton, 68-55; Roy Pinette, Joe Foley, Peter Hand; Arnie Benner, 69-55; Tom Blake, Bill Cloutier, Mike Mogan, 69-55; Tom Bachelder, Peter Swinchatt, Eric Wales, Skip Waltz, 68-55; Don Trefethen, Greg Waite, Dave Rocheleau, Mike Lally, 67-55.

SKINS: Friday: gross, Brian Bilodeau, Jay Plourde, Gary Bazinet; net, Steve Burr, John Ober. Saturday: gross, Terry MacMillan, Todd Nevins; net, Tom Blake, Tim Sheehan.

PINS: Friday: Wesley Phillips, #3, 5’3″; Dave Marston, #6, 6’2″; Tom Donovan, #13, 2’3″. Saturday: Arnie Benner, #3, 1’10”; Matt Brooks, #6, 3’3″; Dan McCarron, #13, 1’11”.


GROSS: Mike Norris, 72; Erik Fitch, 75; Matt Cary, 76. Net: Eric Hutchins, 76-64; Butch Smith, 85-66; Dave Dunham, 88-66.

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Dana Worster, 79 (MC). Net: Dick Hall, 95-68.

BEST BALL: Gross: Kent Johnson, Hal Stewart, Tony Reynolds, Randy Ossinger; and Mike Norris, Larry Eldridge, Roy Leighton, Greg Black, 66. Net: Dick Hall, Mike Hall, Steve Sudsbury, Barry Hopkins, 75-58.

PINS: Tony Reynolds, #3, 4’3″; Randy Ossinger, #6, 17’6″; Phil Norton, #12, 13’6″; Barry Hobert, #15, 10’1″.

SKINS: gross, Hal Stewart, Steve Sudsbury, Scott Welton; net, Dave Dunham, Gordon Goodwin, Mike Hall; Randy Ossinger.

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