Following are results from the Area Golf Travel League tourneys:

Sept. 3 at Apple Valley: 1. Ted Burnett-Rod Heikkinen. Closest to the pin, Bob Miller.

Sept. 5 at Natanis: 1. Peter Benson-Ray Ouellette; 2. Ray Lagasse-Frank Picard; 3. Dennis Fetterhoff-John Walp, Sr., Stan Wuori. Closest to the pin, Frank Picard-Ray Ouellette; high plus winners, Cecil Leavitt-Don Oakes.

Oakdale CC

MEXICO – Dirigo Boosters Tournament, Sept. 9: gross, 1. (MC), David Johnson, Dale Johnson, Dan Johnson, Dave Prevost, 57; 2. Butch McKenna, Greg Dawson, Jeff Mayo, Frank Diconzo, 57; net, 1. John Brown, Cameran Stanley, Larry Murphy, Corey Jacques, 48.05; 2. Tim Hanson, Tim Chambers, Don Johnson, Diane Johnson, 50.15.

Sweeps, Sept. 8: front, 1. Greg Dawson, 30; 2. tie, Don Hopkins, Dave Fergola, 33; back, 1. tie, Seth Fournier, George Virgin, Dave Prevost, 34.

Couples Championship, Sept. 8: 1. Gary-Kathy Williamson, 62; 2. Fred-Pam Kent, 65; 3. tie, Pete-Ann McCluskey, Rodney Daoust-Mary Ann Todd, 66. Closest to the pin: women, Ann McCluskey; men, Ray Bedard.

Men’s Night, Sept. 7, all 3 net count: George Virgin, Mark Burton, Norm Deroche, 104; Gary Williamson, Alan Patterson, Arthur Turbide, 106; Mike Deraps, Wayne Delano, Al Legere, 109.

Men’s Night, Sept. 5, Texas Scramble: 1. tie, Mark Burton, Rodney Daoust, Frank Diconzo, Don Sillars; and Gary Williamson, Tim Chambers, Jamie Corriveau, Dick Giberson. Closest to the pin, Greg Dawson.

Ladies End of Year Scramble, Sept. 6: Mary Ann Todd, Anne McKay, Kathy Williams, 32.35; Marsha Blake, Shirley Fifield, Jackie Kilbreth, 32.90. Low team putts: Sheila Meader, Ann McCluskey, Jane Mickeriz, Adrianne Gallant, 11. Closest to the pin on hole #4, second shot, team, Mary Ann Todd, Anne McKay, Kathie Williams.

Harry Burns results: 1. Mark Burton-Eric Arsenault; 2. Roland Jacques-Mike Jacques; 3. tie, Tom Rowe-Bob Fulton, Carroll Noyes-Wayne Delano.

Men’s President’s Cup results: 1. Dave Fergola; 2. Dan Thurston; 3. tie, Mike Mickeriz, John Patrick.

Central Maine Seniors

GRAY – Following are results from the Central Maine Seniors Golf Association tourney held Sept. 10 at Spring Meadows:

4-Ball, Best Ball: Gross: 1. Dave Gallant, Dan Mitchell, Richard McKenna, Frank Diconzo, 67; 2. Dave King, Bob Ouellette, Lee Gagne, Paul Timberlake, 69. Net: Paul Jackson, Spike Herrick, Bill Weatherbie, Keith Weatherbie, 54; 2. Eddie Cowan, Bill Saultes, Cliff Miller, Dan Hanson, 56. Overall: gross, Truman Libby, 75; Richard McKenna, 76 (MC); net, George Phillips, 61; Dan Hanson, 62; Robert Cremmoni, 64. Age groups: 55-64: gross, 1. Dan Mitchell, 76; 2. Paul Timberlake, 78 (MC); 3. Cliff Miller, 78; net, Dennis McNeish, 65; Dave Kus,66; Keith Weatherbie, 67. 65-69: gross, 1. Dave King, 77 (MC); 2. Dave Dorion, 77; 3. Norm, Green, 80; net, Bill Weatherbie, 65; Bob Ouellette, 67; Al Leger, 68. 70-74: gross, 1. Chas Swanson, 82 (MC); 2. Doc Howard, 82; 3. Warren Kenney, 86 (MC); net, 1. Bob Wyman, 67 (MC); 2. Tom Levasseur, 67; 3. Al Edgecomb, 68. 75+: gross, Lew Anderson, 86; Dick Redmond, 88; Mick Powers, 92; net, Norm Laverriere, 66; Dick Gross, 69; Russ Goggin, 71. Super Seniors: gross, Maurice Clark, 80. Pins: #4, Ralph Wyman, 3’2″; Paul Jackson, 5′; #6, Dick Spear, 4’3″; Dave Leonard, 6’9″; #13, Eldred Gifford, 3’2″; Rick Arnold, 5’6″; #16, Ralph Wyman, 1’10”; Don Maxim, 2’3″.

Maine Seniors

AUBURN – Following are results from the Maine Seniors Golf Association tourney held Sept. 10 at Martindale Country Club:

Overall Low Gross: Chip Morrison, 69. Class AAA (80+): gross, Miles Baker, 83; Walter Towle, 87; net, Arthur Greco, 66; Marlowe LeBarge, 67. Class AA (75-79): gross, Joe Doucette, 77; Frank Langlois, 78; net, Emile Cloutier, 61; Hobie Harnden, 64; Ray Patenaude, 66. Class A (70-74): gross, Gene Higby, 74; Ken Seehusen, 77; net, Dave Horne, John Libby, 65; Len Taylor, 66. Class B (65-69): gross, Joe Norton, Bob Turner, 75; net, Mike Eaton, 60; Rick Hargreaves, 62; John O’Malley, 66. Class C (55-64): gross, Larry Donatello, 76; Jim Baker, Tom Bazydio, 77; net, Paul Connolly, 64; Kevin Baack, 67; Ted Caouette, 68. 4-Ball: gross, Bob Hood, Joe Norton, John Haynes, Chip Morrison, 65; All Noyes, Miles Baker, Frank Langlois, Butch Reilly; Ted Caouette, Paul Connolly, Tom Barber, Bruce Livingston; Phil Latini, Dick Wyse, Vincent Migliaccio, Larry Donatello, 68; net, Rick Hargreaves, Bob Turner, Emile Cloutier, Marlowe LeBarge; and Kevin Baack, Larry Fitzgerald, Dick Calcagni, Mike Eaton, 55.

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