I completely agree with Jane Theriault’s letter (Sept. 2) about how the media have jumped all over the story on Michael Vick’s dogfights.

I, too, am against any type of cruelty to animals. I’ve seen some graphic pictures in the news depicting dogfights to show, and rightly so, how cruel it is. But please, let’s get priorities in order.

Can anyone imagine if the media were to show pictures of abortions being performed?

Unfortunately, there would be a huge outcry from organizations that support abortions. Those groups remind me of when you lift up a rock and see all the bugs scatter once they are exposed to the light.

I have a video showing abortion procedures in great detail, and words alone cannot express the horrific reality to that barbaric act. I believe it would make even strong people vomit, but hopefully instill true compassion in their hearts, making them willing to fight and pray for those defenseless children of God.

There would be some people asking why would a person even want to view an abortion being performed. My reply, by them not wanting to see it, is an admittance to the horror of that procedure.

If showing the reality of graphic abortions in the media would change the hearts of many, I’d say Alleluia.

And when peace has reached every mother’s womb, only then, by the grace of God, will peace follow throughout the Earth.

David Dostie, Lewiston

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