About 20 years ago, the city council, under intense pressure from citizens of Lewiston, rejected the establishment of a large KTI waste incinerator in the city.

On Sept. 12, the headline of the Sun Journal announced: “Vote kills Casella trash deal.”

These two important events are prime examples of the power of the people in a free country and of responsible government by their elected representatives. Our great city of Lewiston has been saved from environmental catastrophe.

Instead, it has developed into a beautiful city with trees, parks, flowers and new downtown developments, finally reaching the proud designation of “All-American City.”

The proposed waste management contract carried with it the potential of great environmental damage to our city and health hazards for our citizens.

To its credit, our city council has come to its senses at the last minute in abandoning this ill-advised deal.

Let’s keep our “All-American” city of Lewiston a beautiful and healthy haven for our children and citizens and say in the words of David Peak’s sign, “No Deal,” to any future Casella-type solid waste management contracts for Lewiston or our beautiful state of Maine.

Klaus D. Kuck, Lewiston

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