This letter is in regards to the Sept. 11 letter by Michael Johnson, distastefully titled “Misleading others.”

That is exactly what Johnson is doing. What a joke.

Johnson, I believe, is trying to hide in the shadows of his obsession. He has the nerve to say homosexuality has no link to molestation. This is ignorance and denial.

Speaking of homosexuality, does Johnson feel the same about pedophiles? Maybe we should blame those who preyed on the predators, because in some cases the molesters were victimized as well.

Johnson’s level of denial is frightening. His words haunt me, yet I now understand his apparent obsession. It’s much bigger than victim and predator, right and wrong. For some people, it’s life.

The words Johnson writes are no gateway to a guilt-free conscience.

I will pray for him. It’s obvious who is misleading whom.

Jessica Hutchinson, Auburn

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