This is in response to the Sept. 18 article “Woman keeps sex-ed books.” Though we would never condone stealing, we would, however, applaud JoAn Karkos for bringing the book “It’s Perfectly Normal,” to everyone’s attention. One thing is for sure, it is not perfectly normal to have a book like that readily available to children at the local libraries.

In our opinion, when confronting such radical book authors such as Robie H. Harris, and organizations such as Planned Parenthood, people must get a little radical to get their side of the story heard and published (as it was on the front page of the Sun Journal).

Though we do not know JoAn Karkos, we stand by her decision to fight back against a sick and perverse culture. It is our prayer that if there be any financial consequences to her actions, that churches in Lewiston and Auburn area take up her cause.

One thing is for certain – the libraries will not.

The Rev. Douglas and Sonia Taylor, Lewiston

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