TURNER – Senior League, Sept. 26: 1. Jordan-Way, +1; 2. Honaker-Obie, even; 3. Morin-Goulette, -1. Long first putt, Jordan, 6’2″; closest to the pin #10, Hayward, 5’6″; best score not in the money, Bryant, +2.


LEEDS – Senior Point Quota: Aaron Burke, +10; Bob Cochran and Dave Dyer, +7; Norm Colter and Carl Pratt, +5.


POLAND – Fairlawn Seniors, Sept. 26, 2-ball: 1. F. Papineau, C. Coombs, J. MacHardy, P. Spencer, 116; 2. B. Turcotte, L. Winsky, R. Leclair, D. Spencer, 117; 3. B. Lamontagne, B. Burnell, P. Gilbert, P. Dumont, 122. Pins: #11, B. Vassar, 20’6″; P. Spencer, 22’5″; #13, B. Bolduc, 4’6″; F. Papineau, 17’7″.

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