I cannot believe the kind of nonsense people are willing to accuse Sen. Lois Snowe-Mello, R-Poland, of doing. The most preposterous I read were, “It is her (Snowe-Mello’s) cause to support cruelty in puppy mills,” (Susan Hall, Sept. 22) and, stooping to new lows, “She (Snowe-Mello) needs to be pitied, just look at her,” (Sunjournal.com comment by a “Mr. Bill”).

I can only guess what good they and others have done for their communities, unlike the good Snowe-Mello has done.

There will always be those who can only afford to buy cheap accusations.

Sen. Snowe-Mello mentioned that she owns two “healthy, energetic” Highland Terriers and three cats, two that were saved from not so affectionate households.

Anyone who becomes a state senator, anywhere, with a kind and humble character such as hers, doesn’t get there by knocking people down, but by lifting them up. She, and others like her, are confronted will all kinds of problems in this state, and she does well rising above the malarky, like those of real character can.

Lou Martin, East Poland

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