POLAND – In the Men’s Club Championship Sunday at Poland Spring Country Club, Rafael Barajas collected a hole-in-one on the #8 hole, 184-yards, using a 4-iron. Witnesses were Pete Lacasse and Dave Conley.

Other Poland Spring news:

Saturday: closest to the pin, #6, Rafael Barajas, 5″; #8, Dana Rydberg, 29’8″; #13, Jerry Legere, 7’1″.

Sunday: closest to the pin #6, Dave Trayers, 11’11”.


AUBURN – Saturday’s results: Class A: gross, Bill Welch, 71; Peter Ashton, 75; net, Jim Day, 75-66; Chip Morrison, 77-69. Class B: gross, Rick Miles, 77; Sam Evrard, 78; net, Jim Bennett, 81-64; Dan Sansoucy, 84-70. Class C: gross, Maureen Mayo, 93; Dennis Lee, 95; net Nina Bartlett, 96-70; Fran Blanchette, 98-72. 4-Ball: gross, Bill Welch, Neil Mayo, Glen Fillion, Jim Day; and Bob Blanchette, Ron Blanchette, Mike Tiner, Bob Brickel, 66; net, GW Lever, Sherm Arnold, Tony Ferguson, Pete Conley, 60; Rick Miles, Cliff Greim, Claude Heutz, Mark Rock, 62. Skins: gross, Jim Day, Dan Sansoucy (2), Jim Bennett, Bill Welch, Ray Martel, Ron Blanchette; net, Mark Rock, Nina Bartlett.

2007 Bendsten Cup, Sept. 30: Overall, Rich Tremblay-John Petrocelli, 96; Bob Brickel-Paul Bolduc, and Rick Miles-Mike Williams, 97. Best Ball: Dennis Lee-Steve Bartlett, 28. Scramble: Bob Brickel-Paul Bolduc, and Dave Norcross-Mike Reid, 29. Alternate shot: Mike Tiner-Ernie Ashton, 32. Team Pins: #4, Tremblay-Petrocelli, 5’9″; #9, Jim Helmkamp-Bob Turner, 15′; #11, Bill Sullivan-Reggie Bouffard, 8’10”; #17, Craig Davis-Steve Tucker, 5’10”; Ashton-Tiner, 7’3″; #9, Norcross-Reid, 12’2″. Team Skins: Fletcher-Agren (2), Helmkamp-Turner; Blanchette-Blanchette (2), Day-Mayo, Brickel-Bolduc, Tiner-Ashton, Stonehouse-Millett, Fournier-Roy, Shaw-Haynes.


LEEDS – East-West Skins Game, Sept. 30: scramble, gross, Jeff-Mark Kent, 3; net, #16, Kent and Kent, 2; #17, Jon Kent-Lester Wood, 2. Alternate shot: gross, #3, Brad Pattershall-Trent Murphy; net, #4, Pattershall-Murphy, 2; #8, Fred Warner-Jeff Hinds, 2; #5, Jim Fennessy, Gerry Laroche, 2. Better Ball: gross, #11, Jeff Mertzel-Dave Morin, 3; net, #16, George Ames-Rich Howard, 3; #16, Ron Leeman-Brandon Marcotte, 4.

Vermont winsTri-States

MANCHESTER – In a hotly-contested Tri-States Championship battle, Vermont prevailed over both New Hampshire and Maine during the weekend at the Augusta Country Club.

Vermont, second win in a row, had 25 points, followed by Maine and NH with 23.5 each. The format is straight alternate shot the first day and individual match play the second day. Each player can score 3 possible points, 1 if they win both matches with their partner on Saturday, and 2 if they win both individual matches on Sunday. Only Joe Baker from Maine, Dave Goodrich of Vermont, and Bill Cahill of NH took all their possible points.

MSGA tourneys

Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association tourneys held during the weekend:

AT GORHM CC, Sept. 28-29:

CLASS A: Gross: Marc Siewertsen, Matt Greenleaf, 68; Terry MacMillan, John Bauman, 70; Tim Moody, 71. Net: Cash Wiseman and Tim Mariano, 69-64; Tom Greer, 70-64; Jeff Harris, 75-66; Scott Cormier, 74-66.

CLASS B: Gross: Dan Wood, 73; Eric Wales, 75; Arnie Benner and Ron Reynolds, 76; Tom Donovan, 78 (MC). Net: Wayne Newbegin, 77-65; Rick Zemla, 79-65; Dave Croxford, 76-65; Cy Thompson, 79-65; Brendan Poitras, 78-65.

CLASS C: Gross: Gary Berlucchi, and Wesley Phillips, 77; Ron Jersey, 80; Bill Freedman, Mike Hollenkamp, 81. Net: Mike Mogan, 79-61; Vaughn Gushee, 79-62; Joe Grenier, 86-64; Bob Mathieu, 91-64; Mike Comer, 88-65 (MC).

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Eric Hayward, 72; Jim Hadlock, 73; Paul Renaud, 74. Net: Wade Trudel, 87-65; Guy Vigue, 78-66; Marc Lasky, 78-67 (MC).

4-BALL: Gross: Shawn McKague, Matt Greenleaf, Gary Manoogian, Tim Mariano, 61; Denny Siewertsen, Marc Siewertsen, Eric Hayward, Ryan Mallaghan, 61; Cash Wiseman, Mike Williams, Bill Robinson, John Bauman, 62. Net: Craig Pride, Mike Comer, Dan Dalfonso, Tom Greer, 54; Cy Thompson, Ken Luce, Dick McCann., Rick McCann, 55; Tom Donovan, Tom Greene, Steve Bentley, Austin Robinson, 55; Tom Bachelder, Peter Swinchatt, Eric Wales, Skip Waltz, 55; Joe Jala, Ted Jala, Gordon Smith, Frank Hotham, 56.

SKINS: Friday: gross, Tim Mariano, Dan Wood, Allen Patterson; net, Paul Young, Tom Plante, Bill Freedman. Saturday: gross, Justin Ball, Dan Quinlan, Terry MacMillan; net, Scott Jones, Bill Gardiner (MC), Tim Sheehan, Jim Reilly.

PINS: Friday: Bob Willis, #4, 8″; Paul Renaud, #6, 2’6″; Tom Plante, #13, 5’4″; Gary Manoogian, #15, 6’2″. Saturday: Scott Jones, #4, 1’9″; Mike Grace, #6, 7’4″; Greg Roberts, #13, 6’7″; Jim Reilly, #15, 8″.


CLASS A: Gross: Matt Zito, Kent Johnson, Mike Norris, 69; Jerry Glidden, 70. Net: Mike Haynes, 72-61; Mike Dimonaco, 72-63; John Kimball, 72-65; Tony Reynolds, 71-67 (MC).

CLASS B: Gross: Bob Tweedie, 77; Dave Barber, Shane Baxter, Keith Ashton, 78. Net: Billy Milliken, 79-61; Dave Clifford, 81-62; Barney Smith, 82-64; Roy Leighton, 79-64.

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Jim Greer, John Johnston, 74. Net: Art Schlosser, 89-67; Phil Bowen, 86-67.

4-BALL: Gross: Kent Johnson, Tony Reynolds, Randy Ossinger, Mike Cote, 59; Ray Hawley, Brad Robinson, Jerry Glidden, Rusty Johnstone, 62. Net: Dave Clifford, Dave Thibodeau, Barney Smith, Billy Milliken, 72-54; Wayne Harriman, Art Schlosser, John Kimball, Dave Barber, 68-55; Mike Dimonaco, Roy Leighton, Mike Norris, Greg Black, 63-55.

PINS: Saturday: Mike Cole, #3, 5’10”; Fred Warner, #6, 2’6″; Tim O’Neil, #11, 12’6″; Randy Moulton, #16, 2’3″.

SKINS: gross, Matt Zito, Dave Barber; net, Mike Cole, Paul Doody, Billy Milliken, Kent Johnson, Mel McLay, Eric Fowle.

SMWGA tourney

BRIDGTON – Following are results from the Southern Maine Women’s Golf Association Co-Ed Classic held Sept. 30 at Bridgton Highlands CC:

Gross: Hannah Babcock-Chris Hayward, 74; Patty Good-Pat Laroche, 77; Priscilla Clark-Eric Clark; Jean Smith-Randy Smith; Laurie Hyndman-Tom Hyndman; Carol Stratos-Christo Stratos; Carmen Evrard-Sam Evrard; Kathleen Littlefield-Tyler MacPhie, 80. Net: Jayne Britton-Jim Layne, 85-62; Barbara Bene-Mike Bene, 82-63; Carol Grundstrom-Chuck Baldwin, 81-64; Sally Brogan-Randy Brogan, 88-65; Joy Eon-Roland Eon, 81-67; Terri Messer-John Messer, 81-68; Cynthia Kostis-George Boone, 81-68; Liz Monaghan-Stephen Monaghan, 91-68. Long drive: women, Susan Gilpatric; men, Chris Hayward. Pins: #2, John Messer, 10’1.5″; #8, Eric Clark, 4’8″; #10, John Messer, 3’4″; #13, Mike Burgess, 6’11”.

Bethel Inn

BETHEL-NEPGA Fall Festival: day one, best of two of four. pro, Mike Baker, amateur, Allen Connors, Tom Scanlon, Bill Brown, 127, Bethel Inn; 2. pro, Bob Darling, Gary Caiani, Jon Breton, Jon Coutts, 129, Fox Ridge; 3. pro, John Hickson, Tom McCullough, John Grady, Elaine Rugg, Jay Lamoreaux, 131, Dick’s Sporting Goods. Pro Individual: Bob Darling, 68; Mike Baker, 70; Sean Barret and Lynn Valentine, 71. Nearest the pin: #3, Tom McCullough, #6, Jon Breton; #12, Elaine Rugg. Day Two: team, 1. Darling, Caiani, Breton, Coutts, 128; 2. pro, Hickson, Jim Beane, Bryan Leskowitz, Ben Egan, 139; 3. pro, Baker; Connors, Scanlon, Fred Nolte, 132, Bethel Inn. Pro Individual: Dickson, 68; Darling, 69; Baker, 70. Nearest the pin: #3, Tom McCullough #6, Ben Egan; #12, Scanlon. Day Three: team, 1. Hickson, Beane, Leskowitz, Egan, 130; 2. Valentine, Grady, McCullough, Lamoreaux, 132; 3. Barret, Joe Gallagher, Brad Jermone, Nick Kletti, 134. Pro Individual: Valentine, 69; Hickson, 71; Barret, 72. Nearest the pin: #3, Leskowitz; #6, Scott Buchanan; #12, Jerome.

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