ROCKLAND – Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association tourney held at Rockland, 2 best balls of 4:

Gross: 1. tie, Helen Plourde, Jean Sweetser, Marie Cates, Freda Gaw; Sharon Preece, Dianna Dumont, Shirley Kile, Dale Hannon, 155; 3. Terry Burke, Sherrie Thomas, Linda Cyr, Sue Brooker, 166; 4. Karen Feeney, Cheryl Paulson, Deborah Wiley, Peg Buchanan, 170. Net: 1. Carole Sanders, Rona Backstrom, Dot Veilleux, Evie Graham, 124; 2. Liz Wiltshire, Jean Cassidy, Sandra Hill, Denise Hennessey, 130; 3. tie, Liz Coffin, Kathy Constantine, Marilyn Rice, Yukiko Bigney; Linda Pearse, Janice Ogier, Iris Dougherty, Betty Farrand; Marion Feeney; Emily Loiselle, Marilyn Hughes, Jean Young, 132.


LEEDS-East vs West, Sept. 30, “Battle of the Brook”: East 219.5 points; West, 212.5. Most points per 9 holes, scramble, Dave Kus-Ron Wing, 7; alternate shot, Jim Fennessey-Gerry Laroche, 7; best ball, Kus-Wing, 7.

Closest to the pins: scramble, #13, Scott Fennessey; #15, 12’11”, Jeff Hinds; alternate shot, #2, 15’11”, Leo Bellemare; #8, 6’1″, Ray Convery; best ball, #13, 3′, Tip Fairchild; #15, 5’8″, Bert Cote; long drive, #3, Brandon Marcotte; #9, Mike Starn.

Mid-Amateur starters

Following are starting times for the 17th Mid-Amateur Championship to be held Oct. 6 at Martindale CC, and Oct. 7 at Fairlawn. Players will be re-paired by score for the final round:

7:30, Joseph Alvarez, Rick Jones, Nicholas Conner; 7:39, Joe Manganaro, Ray Hawley, Matt Greenleaf; 7:48, Paul Pelletier, Scott Stone, Jace Pearson; 7:57, Mike O’Brien, Vance Gray, Jr., Thomas Bean; 8:06, Keith Patterson, Jayson Adams, Alan Bouchard; 8:15, Ryan Maguire, Jay Burrell, Ryan Mallaghan; 8:24, Dale Bragg, Andrew Stonehouse, Jerry Glidden; 8:33, Ron Dery, Wayne Johnson, Erik Fitch; 8:42, Matt Zito, Steven Bouthot, Dale Brown; 8:51, Tim Flaherty, Mark Stasium, John Downing.

9:00, Charles Tartre, Ralph Noel, Jr., John Bowen; 9:09, Jack Burt, Charles McKenzie, Chris King; 9:18, Ron Blanchette, Chad Allen, John Bouchard; 9:27, John Royal, Jim McFarlane, Donald Flanagan; 9:36, Steve Jordan, Jonathan Jacques, Thomas Greer; 9:45, Larry Wichroski, Tim Estabrook Ted Stratman; 9:54, R.J. Driscoll, David Curtis, Ron Eubanks.

10:03, Stephen Dixon, Mark St. Pierre, Stephen Mazza, Sr.; 10:12, Armand Pocoroba, Thomas Michaud, David Labbe; 10:21, Mike Dube, Scott Jones, Randolph Clark; 10:30, Verne Weisberg, Brian Kearns, Vic Nunan; 10:39, Mike Payne, Tim Hewitt, Ethan Masterman; 10:48, Lowell Watson, Mike Perreault, Cash Wiseman; 10:57, Mike Dubois, Lou Lepage; 11:06, Bourke O’Brien, Brian Currie.

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