AUBURN – Leaf Pepper Classic, Oct. 6:

Gross: 1. Scott Newell, Roger Poulin, Susan Towns, Kirk Hall, 68; 2. Rick Dostie, Tom Tiner, Sue Dostie, Linda Gross, 70. Net: 1. JP Melanson, Tony Towns, Matt Carroll, Eric Peterlein; 2. Rocky Copp, Mike Fortin, Loren Cayer, Lisa Goudreau, 70. Pins: #3, Scott Newell, 2’6.5″; Al St. Pierre, 10′; #5, Tony Towns, 20’1″; Rick Dostie, 21’2″; #13, Newell, 1’7″; Roger Poulin, Jr., 4′; #16, Moe Morin, 25′; Eric Peterlein, 35′.

WMSGA tourney

AUGUSTA – Following are results from the Women’s Maine State Golf Association scramble tourneys held Oct. 9:

AT AUGUSTA: Gross: 1. Pennie Cummings, Mary Brandes, Kristin Kannegieser, Carmen Evrard, 61; 2. tie, Liz Coffin, Kathy Constantine, Marilyn Rice, Yukiko Bigney, 65; Joy Eon, Peggy Wilson, Lisa Wintle, Julie Defrancesco, 65; 4. Helen Plourd, Jean Sweetser, Marie Cates, Liz Russell, 68; 5. tie, Liz Wiltshire, Jean Cassidy, Denise Hennessey, Sandra Hill, 69; Marcia Blake, Karen Spanglo, Rosemary Lyons, Marcia Chute, 69. Net: 1. Nancy Williams, Marilyn Blackburn, Kathy Heaton, Julie Treadwell, 55; 2. tie, Julie Magoon, Dianna Dumont, Velma Whittier, Shirley Kile, 59; Janice White, Kathy Anderson, Pam Kropp-Anderson, Jan Skaggs, 59; 4. Bobbi Berry, Norma Michaud, Sue Quinn, Judy Edgecomb, 61; Barbara Pray, Anita Thayer, Marie Stone, Sue Kaluzynski, 61; Jackie Deschene, Rebecca Laliberte, Maddy Moreau, Ruth Briggs, 61. Pins: #2, Charlotte Cole, Donna Applebee; #7, Helen Plourd, Kathy Heaton; #15, Liz Coffin, Velma Whittier; #17, Liz Coffin, Donna Applebee.

AT KEBO: Gross: 1. Charleen Wiseman, Meriby Sweet, Marianne Lee, 73; 2. tie, Ann Lang, Sandi Bourgoin, Terry Hamm-Morris, Darby Vigue, 74; Karen Feeney, Cheryl Paulson, Peg Buchanan, Deborah Wiley, 74. Net: 1. Marie McPheters, Mary Smith, Jill Lewis, Susan Goodman, 62; 2. Jane Howard, Gloria Attenweller, Peggy Larrabee, Victoria Wilson, 65.

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