In trying to determine savings created by the state’s six drug courts by preventing future crime, a 2006 University of Southern Maine study cited national estimates from the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the cost of various offenses. The crimes below were committed by individuals in the drug court program. The numbers reflect total costs incurred by crime victims, the criminal justice system and the court system:

Gross sexual assault: $206,038

Aggravated assault: $115,155

Robbery: $47,878

Motor vehicle theft: $8,577

Burglary: $4,093

Operating under the influence: $3,480

Criminal threatening: $2,578

Assault: $2,578

Larceny/theft: $1,384

Receiving stolen property: $507

Criminal mischief: $462

Forgery: $448

Disorderly conduct: $432

Fraud: $432

Source: University of Southern Maine study, completed Aug. 1, 2006

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