I recently read about toys with lead coming from China. It is wrong to have lead in toys that kids are going to play with. The article mentioned a solution – I love the idea about having a day of inspection, so parents know what is in (or on) their kids’ toys.

I am 13 and I have had my share of toys! I also have a six-yea-old sister who still has her share of little kid’s toys. We don’t notice most of the toys we buy are made from China. When we get that big box from that big truck we always get so excited! We run inside and tear it to shreds until we reach the toys inside! We don’t pay attention to the bottom of that box that says “Made in China,” and parents don’t know because the box is ripped to shreds!

The other problem is when you have a two-year-old, they like to get toys. But they don’t use them the same way; they suck on them and put them in their mouths. This could lead to a larger problem. We can’t have kids licking and playing with toys that might have lead in them.

I think inspections should be more than just one day. I think we should have one day a month, and I think it should be done all over the U.S.

I hope everyone takes this seriously and makes some changes.

Elijah Washburn

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