Do you ever really think that the extra size of fries could be the cunning assistant in your death? That that candy bar with the pretty wrapper could edge you to the dark tunnel with no visible means of escape? Well, in moderation no, but today nothing is proportional with hamburgers the size of peoples’ heads, soft drinks bigger than your waist. Proportions have shot up like the buildings in New York city. Bigger’s better, right?

No, the obesity rates today have skyrocked. according to a source, the obesity ratings have steadily increased since the 1960’s. Now, there is a difference between overweight and obese. A man has to have 25% body fat to be considered obese. A woman needs 30% body fat to be considered obese (woman tend to have more body fat). Even with these percentages over 60 million people in the United States are obese.

The only suspect here isn’t junk food, there is another prime criminal doing it’s dirty work in homes everywhere. Yes, the video games, and TV’s. Let’s face it, since these modern devices America has become less active as a whole. I mean, why go outside when you can watch your favorite reality TV show on MTV. Why go outside, when you can virtually be outside as a spy?

I hear stories from my mom of how she used to go outside in the morning and not come home until dinner, having fun with the neighborhood kids playing kick the can and other fun games. Now, do you ever see kids going outside all the time? America has gotten more enjoyment out of looking into a box that shows other peoples’ lives, instead of actually living their own!

How will we solve this problem? Will America get fit again? Do your part and play outside for an hour a day. Eat nutritional meals instead of fried fast foods all the time. It will make you feel good. Because when you weigh it all in, obesity can make you another grim statistic for heart disease, and a lot of other diseases. Live healthy, long, get fit and get outside! Your health may depend on it.

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