At Trinity Catholic School we have a new assistant principal, Mrs. Rebecca Belleau. She graduated from Plymouth State College and received her Master’s Degree in Literacy. She has taught for eight years at Montello as a first and second grade looping teacher. Mrs. Belleau, with her husband Jamie, has three children: James is six, Michael is four, and Anna is two. James and Michael attend the elementary campus at Trinity. She has a chocolate lab named Charlie Brown and a new kitten named Sydnie.

Trinity parents encouraged her to apply for the assistant principal position. She was excited about the opportunity and applied for it. Mrs. Belleau said “I’m so excited to be part of this school.” As we went along into our interview she says that she has received a lot of positive feedback from parents, staff, and students. This year she wants the school to come together with the church and community. “We have wonderful staff and students and I would want to share that with the community.”

Our assistant principal says that the learning atmosphere at TCS is great but that she would like to see seventh and eighth graders make connections with sixth graders. Building and strengthening the community within the school is so important.

We have some new projects at Trinity Catholic Junior High School. A St. Dom’s student is putting together a Boy Scout project to clean up the Junior High campus. There is also a project for taking down the playground equipment from the campus. Mr. Yarnevich and Mrs. Belleau are in discussion about what to do with the extra classroom, because they want the school to be utilized to the fullest and be the best it can be. “I am so proud to be part of Trinity Catholic School and all the wonderful things that are happening here.”

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