I was coming home from work recently and stopped for a red light at Chestnut and Lisbon streets. A huge tractor-trailer was attempting to turn from Lisbon Street onto Chestnut Street. I’m sitting in my fairly new Honda Civic. I see the truck turning and I think, “No way is he going to make it, and why is he trying?”

He comes at me like he’s going to go over me. I lay on the horn, he stops.

I look back; four or five cars are behind me.

I get out and see if they can back up, but they are backed up almost to Canal Street.

So they back up as much as possible, I back up – and the truck again tries to turn. It’s not happening. I toot again, he stops. I figure the driver has an advantage of helping the situation – being up in the cab – but he’s just inching around the corner.

I’m scared my Honda and I will be crushed. A man comes to my rescue and stops traffic on Lisbon Street. I turn and drive onto the sidewalk and out onto Lisbon Street. I go on my way, shaking but relieved.

I wish the truck driver had been more active in helping us and himself get around the corner, without going over anyone. I respect them and the big rigs they maneuver around small streets.

But drivers should be more proactive when people are trying to help.

Carol Proteau, Lewiston

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