The outfit calling itself Casinos No! seems to be getting a bit off track. It is spending television bucks belaboring the bingo aspect of Question 1.

I guess it can’t find fault with the hotel-casino-racetrack plan, which would return about 40 percent of casino earnings to schools and other Maine enterprises, as well as employ many Washington County citizens who need jobs offering decent, liveable wages.

I cannot understand who or what is behind the Casinos No! crowd. It wouldn’t affect their part of the state. Do they hate the idea of the Passamaquoddy tribe standing on its own feet? Do they hate the thought that Washington County might no longer be labeled “poverty pocket”? Perhaps they can’t stand seeing a group of Native Americans not begging the state for dollars, but willing to spend their own money to start an enterprise on their own property.

What a novelty that would be.

Let us give those people a fighting chance. All they are asking from voters is permission to do so.

I encourage a “yes” vote on Question 1.

Thomas Hilyard, East Winthrop

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