Candidate: Sheryl Briggs

Party: Democrat

Age: 52

Residence: Mexico

Time in area: Has lived in Western Maine her whole life

Occupation: Executive secretary to the Mexico town manager

Family: 2 grown daughters, 2 grandchildren

Why are you running for office: After working in municipal and county government, Briggs said she is ready for the next challenge. “I’m ready to go forward and help communities more than on a local level,” Briggs said.

Relevant qualifications and experience: Briggs said she has worked at the Mexico town office and at the Oxford County Registry of Deeds. In Mexico, she said she has worn many hats, serving as the town clerk, assistant treasurer and ballot clerk.

Issues important to you and your district: Briggs said she wants to work with tax reform to help citizens by lowering property taxes. “I have a good concept of the process from working at the Registry of Deeds,” Briggs said.

Also, Briggs said she would like to see state government cut costs by eliminating duplication and being cost effective. “School consolidation is a step in the right direction,” she said.

Legislative committee of choice, if you could choose: Briggs said she is still soul searching on this issue – she’s not sure.

Why are you a Democrat? Briggs said she associates with the Democratic Party because its values are more in line with hers.

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