I have lived in Maine my entire life and the Moosehead Lake region has always been an enchanting place where my family and countless friends have been able to relax and enjoy. It is an incredible area, full of rustic beauty and tradition, holding within it a deep sense of stability, as though the area is much as it was 200 years ago.

Plum Creek’s proposal would forever change the area, turning not just Moosehead Lake, but all of Maine, into yet another state with lakes ringed with house lots and recreation parks.

Part of what makes Maine so different is the existence of the undisturbed North Woods.

Maine is a special place and has managed to stay out of the mainstream, artificial money-making schemes far longer than most other places in the country. We are stubborn people, deeply rooted and resistant to change, but we are also strong, compassionate and sentimental. This state of ours, this place we are all connected to, is truly a precious gem that requires protection. Plum Creek will certainly not protect it; rather, I believe they will pillage it and abuse it, permanently altering Moosehead Lake.

I know many others feel the same way I do, and I only hope that they, too, will speak out for the protection of Moosehead Lake. I encourage others to speak out against Plum Creek. People should make their feelings known to the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission.

Molly Ladd, Somerville

Editor’s Note: The author is a student at Bates College, who is studying abroad.

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