AUBURN – The following commercial building permits were issued in October.

St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad, 560 Lewiston Junction Station, concrete secondary containment dike, $27,728.

Richard Hargreaves, 470 Lake Shore Drive, replace driving range platform, $1,800.

American Holdings, 72 Main St., alteration to office space, $15,000.

Jokers, 550 Center St., Space 1010, interior wall construction, $5,000.

Super Shoe, 550 Center St., Space 1120, fit out for shoe store, $200,000.

Nazzaroff, Active Living Adult Day Services, 36-40 James St., construct a handicap ramp as proposed, $2,000.

Timothy Evrard, 12 Ninth St., construct 12-foot by 22-foot two-story addition, $15,000.

East Auburn Baptist Church, 560 Park St., construct temporary stage platform, $3,000.

Gendron and Gendron, 55 Logistics Drive, construct warehouse structure on foundation, permit 023138 (shell only), per plans, $1,200,000.

Jokers, Bill Latvist, 550 Center St., Space 1010, renovation of existing space for indoor entertainment center, $145,000.

Safe Handling Inc., 123 Rodman Road, structural steel installation for fall protection monorail system, $32,372.

Auburn Mall, Steve and Barry, 550 Center St., space 1200, demolish existing space in prep for fit-out, $1,200.


The following residential building permits were issued in October.

Gail Johnson, 200 Harvard St., accessible entry ramp, $1,000.

Tim Dotts, 35 University St., 22-foot, 6-inches by 24-foot detached garage, $12,500.

Leonard P. Belliveau, 390 Sopers Mill Road, reconstruct existing 7-foot by 40-foot portion of structure.

Michael Clements, 629 Park Ave., install 17-foot by 34-foot in-ground pool, $22,000.

James Dowling, 161 Pond View Drive, demolition of 25-foot by 35-foot structure, $4,000.

Kenneth Sonagere, 108 Willard Road, demolish existing camp, $3,000.

Kenneth Sonagere, 108 Willard Road, construct 30-foot by 36-foot modular cape with unfinished 2nd floor, 24-foot by 26-foot attached garage and 8-foot by 32-foot farmers porch, $150,000.

Brenda Jipson, 1245 Turner St., construct new roof over existing structure and remodel portion of structure, $5,000.

Jenie Smith, 216 Perkins Ridge Road, remove portion of existing structure and reconstruct, $200,000.

Stephen Herrin, 41 West Dartmouth St., replace existing roof, $4,500.

Judith Johnson, 57 Youngs Corner Road, 9-foot, 6-inch by 9-foot laundry room addition.

Louis and Helene Cortigene, 270 Court St., replace porch vestibule where it had been damaged by a car crashing into it, keeping existing footprint, $2,500.

Michael Morency, 43 Carlton St., covered porch, $3,600.

Fortin Construction, 44 Charter Way, construct new single-family home, ranch, with front porch, no deck or garage, $250,000.

Charles Johnson, 66 Harvard St., remodel front and back porches and add gable vent, $3,500.

Rexford Smith, 10 Hickory Drive, 16-foot by 14-foot storage shed, $3,500.

Diana and Chris Carson, 110 Jacques Road, 24-foot by 35-foot kitchen addition over 2-car garage, $45,000.

Shawn Dube, 760 Old Danville Road, construct 36-foot by 52-foot home, $165,000.

Kevin Donovan, 137 Stevens Mill Road, remodel, sliding door to window, window to sliding door, $300.

Rob Labarbera, 12 Oak St., repair existing front porch and install fire egress from the second-floor apartment on the side of the house, $500.

Marcel and Cynthia Bolduc, 60 West Dartmouth St., construct 5-foot, 3-inch by 30-foot addition to existing detached garage, $3,000.

Abigail Gurschick, 21 Enfield St., remodel kitchen and bathroom, $1,000.

Philip Doucette, 4 Alderwood Road, 8-foot by 22-foot kitchen addition, $32,000.

Jonathan Dillingham, 16 Blanchard Road, construct detached garage with loft, $12,000.

Stephen Herrin, 41 West Dartmouth St., adding 26-foot dormer, $300.

Gerard Labonte, 64 Summer St., tear down and rebuild existing porch and add fire egress to second story apartment, $1,400.

Barbara P. Hill, 1789 Hotel Road, 16-foot by 20-foot shed, $3,000.

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