Anger: Rushing through your veins and pulsing in your head. Making every other thought irrelevant. So much so that you lose yourself for a few moments before you regain control of your feelings and calm down.

Fear: Making you lose control. Pushing you past any sense and meaning. All that matters is getting the panic out of your mind and body.

Happiness: Everything seems light and airy. The world is a joyful place full of singing birds and humming insects. Leaves rustle and grass is soft and feathery. The glass is half full.

Sadness: The world is unfair. People don’t care about anyone other than themselves. Only wondering about insane things. The glass is half empty.

Contented: People can do good and bad, but the general public is good. Butterflies float past. A cat basks in a warm sun beam. You relax in your arm chair.

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